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40 Responses to “Password”

  1. tamada jirou says:


  2. Xande says:

    428 Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de[428 ~封鎖された渋谷で~]
    Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEchoes of Time[ファイナルファンタジー・クリスタルクロニクル エコーズ・オブ・タイム]


  3. dic-sk says:

    Can’t open [PSP][遊戯王ファイブディーズ タッグフォース5] (JPN) ISO zip file.
    I try all passwords.please help it.

  4. admin says:

    i will not use password any more!

  5. jellybean says:

    oh thank god i found your site again:)

  6. sonic0522 says:

    Can you give me the password for :

    [Wii]テイルズ オブ グレイセス[NTSC-J][STGJAF].rar

    ‘’ can not use for this file.

    Thanks a lot !

  7. nTom says:

    2011-09-09 Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
    Can’t use password at FilePost.
    Is there other password?

  8. Ally says:

    hi there,i’m not hving any difficulty in game~

    After ur blogspot disappeared weeks ago, i just keep on searching if u got another web, luckily i found ur web again.

    Just want to say thanks for ur kindly sharing & love ur web v. much :D
    Wish U hv a good day!

  9. keichiro says:

    admin please for pass , can’t use password

  10. mashumaro says:

    so, I’m guessing the games with password on it can’t be opened? I’ve got two files on which neither of the password works! >_<

  11. Nanashi says:

    Hello, I was trying to open:

    Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica 0-4 Hanashi Full Pack

    The password: does not work…

    Please help

  12. Wachi says: that 2 password doesn,t work work only on so I can’t extract it. do you have other pass? thank you in advance for reply

  13. haru says:

    [PSP]God of War: Chains of Olympus[ゴッド・オブ・ウォー 落日の悲愴曲] (JPN) iso

    ‘’ Can not use for this file.
    Please help.

  14. andres says:

    can you give me de password of [Wii]Pop’n music[ポップンミュージック] (JPN) iso Game download thanks

  15. Rainer says:

    two passwords is not correct

    please give me the correct password

  16. Hide19 says:

    The password of Higurashi Daybreak doesn´t work.
    Please help.

  17. Daniel says:

    The password for Toshinden Wii is not correct, gives error.

    Please help?

  18. alex says:

    can you give me de password for Photo_Kano_JPN_PSP-iND.part1 ,part 2 ,and part 3? please

  19. ろろ says:

    華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 キネマモザイク

  20. jigokushi says:

    password not working, please help

  21. zan says:


  22. orry says:

    Please teach me how to download the files!!
    Whats username??

  23. Modus says:

    The pc game “White Album” don`t start.
    How can i do with an englisch system?

    … Pls delete this in the “news”
    Thank you

  24. tune says:

    sorry,i don`t know what happened to the wupload.
    what`s the username?

  25. Yuki says:

    Password for Kimi kare please… The not working.. Thank you in advance..

  26. 123 says:

    -くりぃむしちゅーも観ながらいろいろゴチャゴチャ言ってますけど・・・笑いのタマゴLサイズ(おひとり様何回でも) お願いします~!

    ジュクゴン reupload お願いします!

  27. no name says:

    hi! please…could u tell me ur username? thanks a lot!

  28. Mary says:

    Both of them doesn’t work with bunmei haruka aoiza ibunroku! D: (not saien)

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