[PSP]PS1 ROCKMAN X4[ロックマンX4] PBP (JPN) Download

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[PSP]PS1 ROCKMAN X4[ロックマンX4] PBP (JPN) Download

Title : [PSP]PS1 ROCKMAN X4[ロックマンX4] (JPN) PBP

Game Information
Japanese Title : ロックマンX4
English Title : ROCKMAN X4
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Genre : Action Games
Version : JPN
Available On : PSP
Size : 404MB
Format : PBP
Players : 1
Catalog No : SLPS-00901
Release Date : 1997-08-01

Info: ロックマンX4 PBP

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Rockman X4 was my all time favorite in the Rockman X series, I’m Sure that most of the fans will agree with me, my story with this game started back in 1997 on weekend after school my friend invited me to his house to play some video games and he showed Rockman X4, oh my God, this game was a master piece, the colors of X & Zero (Blue & Red) reminded me of Sonic & Knuckles wish is my favorite on the Sega Mega Drive, the game was so Satisfying in every way, the gameplay the controls the graphics the music the sound effects the anime cut scenes every thing was great, but the greatest thing about this game was the voice acting, they were just right for each character and boss, when Mega Man X4 came out I was disappointed from the voices, X sounded like a girl and the bosses, will they have no voices, this is why I think Rockman X4 is better than Mega Man X4.

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