[PSP] God Eater [ゴッドイーター] (JPN) ISO Download

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[PSP] God Eater [ゴッドイーター] (JPN) ISO Download

Title : [PSP] God Eater [ゴッドイーター] (JPN) ISO Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : ゴッドイーター
Chinese Title : 噬神者
Publisher : Bandai Namco Games
Developer : Bandai Namco Games
Genre : ARPG Game
Version : Japan CERO C (15+)
Available On : Play Station Portable (PSP)
Size : 623.75MB
Format : ISO
Players : 1
Supplier : Caravan
Catalog No : ULJM-05277
Realease Date : 2010-02-04

Official Website : http://www.godeater.jp/
System Firmware : —

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
God Eater takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where monsters, Aragami, destroyed everything. You are the user of the God Eater, the only weapon with enough destructive powers to take on these massive creatures.

High speed hunting ensues as soon as you spot one of these beasts. Call your friends to aid you during your quests by turning on the adhoc networking mode or take them on one on one.

You can change the shape of your weapon depending on your distance and the type of Aragami you are fighting. By absorbing the cells of the monsters, you can unleash the full power of the God Eater for a limited time. Look for the chance in battle to turn the tables around

Download :
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DOWNLOAD/ダウンロード :



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