[NDS] 4378 Need for Speed – Nitro (EUR) ROM Download

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[NDS] 4378 Need for Speed – Nitro (EUR) ROM Download

Title : [NDS] 4378 Need for Speed – Nitro (EUR) ROM Download

Game Inforamtion
Japanese Title : —
Chinese Title : 极品飞车 液氮
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Developer : Electronic Arts
ROM : 512Mbits
Genre : Car + Racing Game
Version : Europe
Size : 43.49MB
Players : 1-4
Supplier : EXiMiUS
Avilable On : Nintendo DS
Realease Date : 2009.11.4
Official Website : http://nitro.needforspeed.com/

Preview / Gameplay:

Description / About This Game :
Need for Speed NITRO delivers the fun and exhilaration of high-speed racing, combining the franchise’s trademark attitude and car culture with deep and thrilling gameplay. With the NDS, battle through the mayhem of aggressive cops, take corners at 150 mph, and own the competition on extreme tracks. Boasting a wholly unique look and feel, Need for Speed NITRO thrusts gamers into an exciting flurry of over-the-top fun, where each race track features big air jumps, smackable objects, shortcuts and more!

In Need for Speed NITRO, players will be battling it out right to the finish line. In the heat of adrenaline-pumping competition, gamers must take risks on the road to build up Nitro boost and use it at the right moment to leave their rivals in the dust. They must also be ready to escape relentless cops with a propensity for road blocks. Players who activate their Heroic Driving moves at the perfect time can pull off over the top evasive tricks, outsmarting determined law enforcement in the process.

Gamers can unleash their racing finesse in a multitude of ways with Need for Speed NITRO. Not only do they have access to an impressive list of licensed cars, but they can also attach a graphic to their ride that will overtake the world when triggers are activated, vibrantly telling the story of their racing dominance. Players can also decide how they want to one-up their rivals by picking from a fresh and exciting batch of game modes that feature everything from traditional circuit races to new, over-the-top modes like Smack’m’all.

Download :
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