[PSP] Gloria Union [グロリア・ユニオン] (JPN) ISO Download

[PSP] Gloria Union [グロリア・ユニオン] (JPN) ISO Download

Title : [PSP] Gloria Union [グロリア・ユニオン] (JPN) ISO Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : グロリア・ユニオン
Chinese Title : 光辉同盟
Publisher : Atlus
Developer : Atlus
Genre : SRPG Game
Version : Japan CERO B (12+)
Available On : Play Station Portable (PSP)
Size : 462.44MB
Format : ISO
Players : 1

Supplier : Caravan
Catalog No : ULJM-05813
Realease Date : 2011-06-23
Official Website : http://gloria.atlusnet.jp/
Info : Gloria_Union_JPN_PSP-Caravan

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Set off on a voyage this summer and grasp the will power in your hand. The spiritual successor to Yggdra Union, Gloria Union will sail gamers through the seven seas in search of the crystals that embody all the energy in the lost kingdom of Euphoria.

Besides the original swordsmen, bowmen and lancers, the game adds a vast amount of regiments and tactical cards. So be ready to give your armies special powers. Even the pirate ship is part of your arsenal of weapons, sail it into enemy territories and start your pillage.

There is more than power hidden under the depths of the sea, sink in to find the treasures.
Download :
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DOWNLOAD/ダウンロード :


File name: cvn-gu.rar
File size:525.63 MB


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